Lion DiskMaker 2 – The domain/default pair of (/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion, ProductVersion) does not exist

Hi all,
a while ago I started writing here and there things in this blog to find them later as big online memo for me and who ever needs it.

Here we are again, life changed a bit for me I didn’t have time to test new things etc etc.. and especially I don’t have my “basement” with all that sort of music/electronic/computer/dust stuff 🙂

Anyway enough with the nostalgia, I had to create a couple of Lion USB Boot Disks at work and as well know, Lion has to be downloaded and it is apparently hardware specific as well (the downloaded dmg)

Lion DiskMaker 2( does the job very well, I had no problem creating a drive with a DMG for MacPro a couple of months ago, but yesterday I downloaded the DMG image for my Macbook and I found Lion DiskMaker 2 complaining about:

The disk could not be created because of an error: An error occured: 1.2012-09-27 12:34:34.836 defaults[56841:f07]
The domain/default pair of (/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion, ProductVersion) does not exist

Well basically (don’t know why) Apple changed the Volume names inside the DMG from Mac OSX Install ESD to OSX Install ESD etc etc..and of course the script ran by DiskMaker is not working anymore… (see below the different volume names between the “old” dmg I had a the latest downloaded)

Just open the Application folder from Finder right click on Lion DiskMaker 2 select Show package contents and browse to Scripts(full path here I’m lazy 🙂 /Applications/Lion DiskMaker open the script main.scpt(and make a copy!)

From the menu select Edit/Find and then do a replace all “Mac OS X Install ESD” to “OS X Install ESD” and all “Mac OS X Base System” in “OS X Base System”

Run again Lion Disk Maker 2 and it should works… at least works for me… BTW the image I downloaded on the Macbook works as well on my MacPro (don’t who started this rumor about hw specific dmgs.. maybe the older releases of Lion… the one I’m using is 10.7.4 and below for the most expert users there’s PlatformSupport.plist with the supported hw..)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

Hope that helps…

See ya!


Asus EEE 1215N Windows XP….drivers…

just got my new EEE Asus 1215N with Windows 7 on it… 😦 I really don’t like it I’m old I like Windows XP and also I do a lot of scripting for other clients and I use my laptop as a test machine so I need to have XP on it.

Here’s the specs(from PCWizard)

> Platform : Intel PineTrail
> Motherboard : Asus 1215N
> Chipset : Intel NM10
> CPU : Intel Atom Dual-Core D525 @ 1800MHz
> RAM : 2048MB (2 x 1024 DDR3-SDRAM )
> Video Card : Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
> Hard Disk : Seagate ST9320325AS (320GB)
> Monitor : HSD121PHW1 – 12″ (16:10)
> LAN : Attansic (Now owned by Atheros) AR8152 v2.0 Fast Ethernet
> WLAN : Broadcom BCM4313 802.11b/g LP-PHY
> USB 3.0
> Bluetooth 3.0

If are going to buy this I think is great just to things bother me a little: touchpad button (hard to press) and power supply plug is very tiny and I think easy to break if you are a frequent flyer so pay attention)

P.S. I suggest you to install after synaptics touchpad this program and disable all the two fingers gestures in synaptics utility, with this one you can right click on the touchpad like on the iPhone (one finger+ tap with second finger)

So I removed 7 and installed XP SP3 on it, and voilà everything works except…. that damn Optimus ION2 Nvidia… my hardware ids are: VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84461043 and

I’ve tried this so long:

– Asus 1015N WinXP drivers (adding also my hw info to the inf cause they weren’t there)

– Asus 1215N drivers (on site support page are claimed as WinXP/Vista but in the inf are only Vista/7)

– 260.63 beta from Nvidia which is the nearest thing that I’ve found: in the inf there is already a VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84471043 instead of 8446 I’ve tried to modify the info but in the end no good results at least I have my device recognized with Yellow Mark in Device Manager)

if you look at nvam.inf you’ll find in

260.63 vista verde notebook beta

%NVIDIA_DEV.0A76.01% = Section057, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84461043

%NVIDIA_DEV.0A76.02% = Section057, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84471043

260.63 XP verde notebook beta

%NVIDIA_DEV.0A76.01% = Section040, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84471043

hope that in a future beta for XP Nvidia will include the same hardware that is already in the Beta for 7/Vista.

if anyone has news about it please comment this post, so we can be helpful to others… (also to me 🙂 )
—EDIT 11 October —

I’ve made a self extracting RAR package with the drivers for windows XP (as October 2010)

password: roadtoyourass

You can find in it:

Asus ACPI Driver v. (to have brightness control working)
Audio-V6_0_1_6098 (for 7 and XP)
Intel Chipset
Atheros AR813X/AR815X LAN (for 7 and XP)
Broadcom WIFI (for 7 and XP)
NVIDIA HDMI Audio driver xp_vista_win7_1.00.00.59

also in the package you can try out TwoFingerScroll the touchpad software mentioned above.

You should have at end of the install just the NVIDIA card not recognized.

CISCO 837 full reset to factory settings..


I got from a friend a bunch of CISCO 837 ADSL routers and I decided to write few lines about to reset and recover those… first because I use this blog also a internet reminder and second to help who need infos only to do this without spending hours on forums over the web.

Hardware needed:

– Cisco 837 🙂
– Cisco Console Cable (if you don’t have one google for how to make one)
– A computer with a serial port(of course) and any terminal app (hyperterminal or putty is fine)

1. open terminal app and connect using these terminal settings:
– 9600 baud rate
– No parity
– 8 data bits
– 1 stop bit
– No flow control
– check serial port number in Hardware Manager if you have more than one.

2. connect the Cisco Console Cable and turn on the router.

3. On Terminal windows should pop up the first lines of the software boot

System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(11r)YV5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 2006 by cisco Systems, Inc.

4. When you this line send BREAK command in the terminal window (usually by pressing CTRL+BREAK also BREAK on laptop may require an Fn key in order to be accessed)

C800/SOHO series (Board ID: 23-127) platform with 65536 Kbytes of main memory

something like that should appear

monitor: command "boot" aborted due to user interrupt
rommon 1 >

5. type confreg 0x2142

you should have now rommon 2 >

6. type reset

7. wait for router reboot and when asked answer NO to initial configuration

8. after there is no more output from the router press enter and then write enable enter

you should get Router#

9. write write erase and press y (no need to press enter) you should get the NVRAM erase

10. exit and reboot the router (brand new factory settings)

DLink G604T A1 Firmware

Hi, just a small post about my router.

It was time to a firmware update, and I chose the Russian version 3.02B01T01 because a lot of people reported it is great… well it turns out it isn’t, at least for my G604T rev A1 EU version. I got all the network ports going up and down and the router freeze triple times than before

I’ve choose, instead, an updated version of the Austrialian firmware, I was on B07 and now I have B012, and to get rid of the freeze problem I have made some holes as air colling system, black is cool isn’t it?

Alle 8 della sera – Radio 2 – L’Italia negli anni della Guerra Fredda – Stalin – La vita vissuta

Premetto che non intendo violare nessun copyright della RAI etc… ho solo messo a disposizione una copia dei contenuti presenti sul sito già in formato MP3 e quindi facilmente scaricabile nel proprio lettore.
Altrimenti questi contenuti storici di alto livello rimangono un po’ scomodi da ascoltare al computer…

Francesco Cossiga – Alle 8 della sera – La vita vissuta – Radio 2

La vita vissuta – Il Presidente Francesco Cossiga è l’autore del nuovo ciclo di Alle 8 della sera. Per venti serate sarà possibile ascoltare il racconto che egli ha fatto delle vicende che hanno cambiato la vita politica italiana. Le puntate (di 30′ minuti), sono state registrate nel corso di tre mesi, nella casa del senatore.
“Siamo rimasti solo due testimoni, io e Andreotti”, dice Cossiga.
Senza altri interlocutori, Cossiga racconta di De Gasperi, degli americani e dell’aereo di Mattei esploso in volo. Con grande tenerezza ricorda l’infanzia a Sassari e le prime esperienze politiche di suo cugino Enrico Berlinguer.
Le conversazioni radiofoniche del Presidente permetteranno agli ascoltatori di conoscere il punto di vista di uno dei protagonisti della prima repubblica perché alla sua maniera il senatore ricorda fatti e persone; un lungo e paradossale racconto della P2 di Gelli, “il materassaio”, e un’intera settimana per ricostruire i passaggi politici e culturali che hanno portato al terrorismo delle BR e al rapimento e all’uccisione di Aldo Moro. Le ultime puntate sono dedicate alla politica internazionale, al terrorismo islamico e all’elezione di Barack Obama.

L’Italia negli anni della Guerra Fredda – Sergio Romano Alle 8 della sera – Radio 2

Quando finì la Seconda guerra mondiale i maggiori uomini di Stato avevano nel loro cassetto un progetto per la creazione di un nuovo ordine internazionale. Ma di lì a pochi mesi ciascuno di essi dovette constatare che la storia non avrebbe dato retta ai loro programmi e alle loro speranze. Gli eventi sfuggirono quasi sempre al controllo delle grandi potenze e le costrinsero a improvvisare sul campo le loro reazioni. Queste trasmissioni cercano di mettere ordine in cinquant’anni di storia mondiale e di ritrovare il filo che unisce, ad esempio, l’ascesa della Jugoslavia di Tito alla sua disintegrazione, l’intervento della Cina nella Guerra di Corea alle grandi riforme economiche di Den Xiao Ping. In alcuni degli avvenimenti raccontati in queste trasmissioni l’Italia fu coinvolta solo marginalmente. Ma in molti essi di ebbe una parte non irrilevante. E fu sempre comunque, in un mondo sempre più interdipendente, testimone interessata. La storia della seconda metà del Novecento continuerà a condizionare per molto tempo quella del nostro presente e del nostro futuro.

Stalin – Franco Cardini – Alle 8 della sera – Radio 2

Dopo Alessando Magno, Gengis Khan e Tamerlano, Stalin è il capo che ha maggiormente segnato della sua volontà il macrocontinente euroasiatico. Se lo zar Pietro il Grande ha costretto la Russia ad entrare in Europa, Stalin l’ha obbligata a fare il suo ingresso sanguinoso e trionfante nella Modernità. Franco Cardini rilegge Stalin alla luce di chi lo ha ammirato e temuto, da Eisenstein a Bulgakov. Cerca di penetrare i segreti del suo Ego tenebroso, il mondo contrastante dei suoi affetti e delle sue passioni. Giuseppe il Grande è l’Icona perfetta della Solitudine e del Potere. Solo Plutarco e Shakespeare avrebbero potuto interpretrarlo in modo adeguato. Solo in lui si riflettono completamente la maesta’ e l’orrore del Novecento.

se qualche link non dovesse più funzionare, lasciate un commento quì in basso e vedrò di sistemarlo.

Use Apple Remote with Windows Media Center

Hi, I just built this simple receiver and  with the software PC Remote Control I can use my Apple Remote to control my Windows 7 Media Center.

Here is the schematic, tha only “hard” part is to find someone that has a PIC programmer.

Depending on which is your PIC you have to set this on the programmer.

  • PIC12C508/509: OSC XT for use with quartz, OSC IntRC for internal oscillator; WDT ON (watch dog timer); MCLRE INT (internal startup)
  • PIC16C84/F84: OSC XT; WDT ON (watch dog timer);PWRTE ON

Software can be downloaded here. UIRhex (rename to zip)

All the credit(software/schematics) goes to Srđan Milostić I’ve just “created” a mirror.

edit 28 March

Seems a little bit harder to use just arrows in Windows Media Center, despite the beauty I suggest you to use a remote control with more buttons.. otherwise go Boxee