How to crossflash P5KC to P5KR BIOS and enable AHCI

I’ve read this post on how to crossflash P5Kc motherboard with P5KR bios in order to get AHCI (remember you will lose DDR3 slots if you do this)

Since I have no floppies anymore, I’ve made an ISO with W98SE “DOS” in it, and the 703 rom P5KR file as long with AFUDOS 2.11

Hope this will be useful BUT REMEMBER!

BIOS flashing is potentially risky, if you do not encounter problems
using the current version of BIOS, it is recommended that you NOT flash the BIOS.
To flash the BIOS, do it with caution.
Inadequate BIOS flashing may result in system malfunction or motherboard DEATH

Here’s the ISO


9 thoughts on “How to crossflash P5KC to P5KR BIOS and enable AHCI

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, but I still cannot install hackintosh and since the crossflashing, I’m unable to boot to my Windows 7 anymore. I’ve tried everything and I can’t even flash my original bios anymore.

    I advice everybody to be extremely careful with doing this if they want to be able to use their computer also in the future.

    • Yes as I wrote only you have nothing to loose you do stuff like that, BIOS update is never safe even when is the proper one. By the way most of the people report success on doing this, I just made a self boot image to do it.

  2. Well I didn’t have any problem… and as well a lot of users at also the first user wrote that was fine.

    I’m sorry to say that is not my ISO that kill your motherboard but crossflashing… so if you would have done the same using your own ISO you would have ended with the same result. Probably your motherboard revision is different than mine or who know…. please post your motherboard revision and if you remember your older BIOS version

    Also from EBAY you can get the BIOS chip from 4-10USD already programmed to recover your motherboard

    Hope it helps

  3. Thank you so much for your excellent work, I had just about given on this issue until I found your fix. It worked a dream for me and not complicated to install, I wish all fixes were as easy as this. Applying the workaround to Windows7 you MUST enable AHCI in Windows7 first otherwise your system will not reboot. This is easily done and can be followed clearly here Respect to the uploaders.

  4. Hi, my bios version is 1105 on p5kc. I have found this page with the p5kr bios and the modded 1203 slic bios and others on bios-mods forum.

    What version do you suggest me? Would it be clever to make a recover USB stick (or floppy is needed?) in order to back up in case of problems after flashing?

    Thanks a lot!

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