Asus EEE 1215N Windows XP….drivers…

just got my new EEE Asus 1215N with Windows 7 on it… 😦 I really don’t like it I’m old I like Windows XP and also I do a lot of scripting for other clients and I use my laptop as a test machine so I need to have XP on it.

Here’s the specs(from PCWizard)

> Platform : Intel PineTrail
> Motherboard : Asus 1215N
> Chipset : Intel NM10
> CPU : Intel Atom Dual-Core D525 @ 1800MHz
> RAM : 2048MB (2 x 1024 DDR3-SDRAM )
> Video Card : Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
> Hard Disk : Seagate ST9320325AS (320GB)
> Monitor : HSD121PHW1 – 12″ (16:10)
> LAN : Attansic (Now owned by Atheros) AR8152 v2.0 Fast Ethernet
> WLAN : Broadcom BCM4313 802.11b/g LP-PHY
> USB 3.0
> Bluetooth 3.0

If are going to buy this I think is great just to things bother me a little: touchpad button (hard to press) and power supply plug is very tiny and I think easy to break if you are a frequent flyer so pay attention)

P.S. I suggest you to install after synaptics touchpad this program and disable all the two fingers gestures in synaptics utility, with this one you can right click on the touchpad like on the iPhone (one finger+ tap with second finger)

So I removed 7 and installed XP SP3 on it, and voilà everything works except…. that damn Optimus ION2 Nvidia… my hardware ids are: VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84461043 and

I’ve tried this so long:

– Asus 1015N WinXP drivers (adding also my hw info to the inf cause they weren’t there)

– Asus 1215N drivers (on site support page are claimed as WinXP/Vista but in the inf are only Vista/7)

– 260.63 beta from Nvidia which is the nearest thing that I’ve found: in the inf there is already a VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84471043 instead of 8446 I’ve tried to modify the info but in the end no good results at least I have my device recognized with Yellow Mark in Device Manager)

if you look at nvam.inf you’ll find in

260.63 vista verde notebook beta

%NVIDIA_DEV.0A76.01% = Section057, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84461043

%NVIDIA_DEV.0A76.02% = Section057, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84471043

260.63 XP verde notebook beta

%NVIDIA_DEV.0A76.01% = Section040, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A76&SUBSYS_84471043

hope that in a future beta for XP Nvidia will include the same hardware that is already in the Beta for 7/Vista.

if anyone has news about it please comment this post, so we can be helpful to others… (also to me 🙂 )
—EDIT 11 October —

I’ve made a self extracting RAR package with the drivers for windows XP (as October 2010)

password: roadtoyourass

You can find in it:

Asus ACPI Driver v. (to have brightness control working)
Audio-V6_0_1_6098 (for 7 and XP)
Intel Chipset
Atheros AR813X/AR815X LAN (for 7 and XP)
Broadcom WIFI (for 7 and XP)
NVIDIA HDMI Audio driver xp_vista_win7_1.00.00.59

also in the package you can try out TwoFingerScroll the touchpad software mentioned above.

You should have at end of the install just the NVIDIA card not recognized.


25 thoughts on “Asus EEE 1215N Windows XP….drivers…

  1. I owe you this comment since late December ’10. Many thanks for this post and the filepack, it probably saved me a lot of searching and testing time. Cheers

    • just search for how to install windows XP from USB on google.

      Actually I’m using BARTPE with Windows XP install files in it… but because it is easier to me since I have to install more PCs on the week for work…

  2. I tried a guid about this usb install.. and it worked very well, untill the windows xp program had copied all the installation files on to the harddrive.. (blue-screen menu etc) and I think it`s right before you can choose to format and delete the partitions, it just became a blue screen with lots of numbers and letters.. and saying something like the installation has been aborted due to the risk of “damage/delete” harddrive. (or something like that)

    And just for the notice, I used Windows XP Home Edition (original cd) to make this usb-driver..

    That`s why I wonder how you managed this.. maybe a link or to for a guide that works, and a link to a windows copy I can use for sure would help me?

    On the other hand, if the Nvidia doesn`t work on XP, and there will be a “worse” graphic-performance on XP than Windows 7, I won`t switch to XP.

    Thanks a lot anyway for your answer! 🙂

    • That blue screen during XP installation is beacuse most of the original XP installation doesn’t have SATA driver on board. You have to combine XP installation files and SATA drivers first – there is a couple of programms to do it.

  3. Hi, I bought this asus 1215n and i just want to change system to windows xp. But I can not find driver for wifi. Any help? I downloaded the xp.exe but there are virus in it…

    • There are no virus in XP.exe maybe it’s your Antivirus software that is too “hard” on the detection since is an EXE downloaded from internet.

      Trust me, disable the antivirus and run it.

  4. Hi, i am trying to install a Windows XP SP3 on an EEEPC 1215N and i meet a problem whn i arrive in the installation of the differents devices.
    It talk about something which has stopped working…
    If i remember well, it was something about the video, certainly a problem with the driver of the GMA3150…

    I’ve create my USB installation with WinTOFlash and i meet this problem during the second stage of the installation.

    If i see at new this error, i’ll post it here because, since the reboot to retry the installation, it only freeze at the same stage of the installation without error message :-/

  5. Ok, i’ve got at new the error.
    It say that the display driver framebuf has stop running correctly.
    It say that i’ve to save my work and restart my computer…

    No idea how i can solve this problem… :-/

  6. Just downloaded XP.exe and no virus running symantec….Thank you very much for this…I wish Asus would get their drivers for Windows XP updated I’m going to try and find the Nivida graphic drivers for the Ion2 from nivida wouldn’t hurt….Again thank you !!

  7. Hi all!!
    Just a detail I want to ask…which ahci driver did you integrate in WinXP so as to recognize the HDD?
    Or you did it with IDE interface through BIOS? Not interested in this…if someone could help with the AHCI driver it would be nice!

    • Here’s what I have for Winxp ( ) don’t know how to intergrate it if you are doing a flash drive install I used a USB CD Drive and just did a clean install. You will not have the nivdia ion drivers on the Win xp install though. You can try to google for it

      Hope this helps

  8. Can you please tell me which ahci driver did you integrate in XP so as to install it and recognize it in the Setup?

  9. do you guys know where I can find the keyboard shortcuts driver for xp, I would like to be able to use the volume up, down, mute etc on the keyboard using the FN function key, thanks

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