Use Apple Remote with Windows Media Center

Hi, I just built this simple receiver and  with the software PC Remote Control I can use my Apple Remote to control my Windows 7 Media Center.

Here is the schematic, tha only “hard” part is to find someone that has a PIC programmer.

Depending on which is your PIC you have to set this on the programmer.

  • PIC12C508/509: OSC XT for use with quartz, OSC IntRC for internal oscillator; WDT ON (watch dog timer); MCLRE INT (internal startup)
  • PIC16C84/F84: OSC XT; WDT ON (watch dog timer);PWRTE ON

Software can be downloaded here. UIRhex (rename to zip)

All the credit(software/schematics) goes to Srđan Milostić I’ve just “created” a mirror.

edit 28 March

Seems a little bit harder to use just arrows in Windows Media Center, despite the beauty I suggest you to use a remote control with more buttons.. otherwise go Boxee


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