Search for home page in Safari (Iphone), bookmarklets on home screen

Another step in iPhone custom setup are Bookmarklets.

In few words bookmarklets are little javascript hat extend the surf and search capabilities of Safari and they can be saved as a regular bookmark.
The most popular bookmarklet is “Find in this page” a feature that is not included in Safari for Iphone.

Here you can find a list of the most popular Bookmarklets

My goal was to have a bookmarklet direcly on the home screen, for instance having Wikipedia search bookmarklet directly by tapping on the homesceen icon.

Having a bookmarklet for search it is faster and data less consuming cause instead of loading a site and then do the query for your searh, you do the query in the first place without loading the site two times and without opening safari, opening bookmark, select bookmarklet, write query and search… (tapping on the screen thousand times)

To create icons on the home screen you can use WEBCLIPS.

A webclip is a Safari bookmark on your Iphone’s desktop, when you create a new bookmark safari asks if you want to create a new icon on the home screen.

WEBclips are stored in /var/mobile/Library/WebClips each one has its own folder that contain a plist file with all the info of the bookmark; I’ve tried to play around to insert the javascript code here but this feature is locked (you can display an alert but popup for query will not work)

I must mention that tweaking a WEBClips allow you to make a speed dial icon and a speed SMS icon.

So  here come the Springlets, springlets are simple web pages with javascript code that let you search wikipedia and other stuff having an icon on the home screen “bypassing” the locked feature of running javascript.

that’s the page for wikipedia search (you can bookmark it on the iphone home screen)

If you want, like me, 4-5 searches, can be a pain having 4-5 icons on the screen.
That’s why I created a small webpage with all the search fields that I need (thanks to IWebKit)

and I have put it on the home screen in place of Safari. So everytime I start Safari show me the “Search Page”

Ok, How do I install it?

If you have a regular Iphone just bookmark the “search form” you like to the home screen and, if you want, drag the icon in place of Safari.

  • English Search (Bing,Wikipedia,Froogle,Google,Ebay,YouTube,Google Translate)
  • English Search 2 (Amazon, Wikipedia, Froogle, TheFreeDictionary, Ebay, YouTube, Google Translate)
  • UK Search (Bing,Wikipedia,Froogle UK ,Google UK ,Ebay UK ,YouTube UK ,Google Translate)
  • UK Search 2 (Amazon UK, Wikipedia, Froogle UK, TheFreeDictionary, Ebay UK,YouTube UK, Google Translate)
  • Italian Search (Wikipedia IT,Wikipedia EN,, Google,, YouTube, Google Translate)
  • Italian Search 2 (Wikipedia IT, Wikipedia EN,, TheFreeDictionary,, YouTube, Google Translate)

If you have a jailbroken iPhone download search (rename to .zip) and install from Cydia the package “file:// Schema in Safari” that allow you to use file:// addresses in Safari.

With this you can make a local copy in the Iphone of the “Search Page” without waiting everytime to load it from internet. (I’ve placed mine in the root wherever you like is fine except tmp folder, so I just typed file:///search/search.html in Safari’s address bar)

If  you need other search engines just comment this post with your request, if it is easy, I’ll be glad to help you.


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