multitrack for iphone

Here are the options:

looking forward to try out…. if someone has already did please comment

— EDIT 19 Dec —

Just bought Rectools 08 because it is on sale 85% off, a super deal. Well, I’ve tried out Fourtrack, StudioAPP and all the others except Multitrack by Harmonic Dog.

If you need a multitrack recorder that works like a cassette multitrack recorder the cheaper is ok.
If you, like me, used to multitrack with Audition, Vegas or other software RecTools is for you. I think it just need to be updated because of minor things but with version 1.1 you can record, split the audio region and duplicate it through the track easily and that is the main thing that I do with multitrack.

Another super cool thing is real time monitoring (no fxs ) in the headphones.

Here’s a video

I suggest you to build this cable, to improve your recording system… or if you need something ready these are the options:

Please check if they works with your Firmware… you know that Apple like to enable disable features on the go…

Other useful info…

If you need more, automation fx, and other stuff use the PC.

for news in Iphone and other mobile devices related to music creation go to:


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