The truth on BOSS CE-2 Made in Taiwan internal potentiometer.


as many of you knows, there are some review “out there” about the internal trim pot of the Taiwan version of Boss Ce-2 pedal.

Basically, people say that turning this trim pot you can get the Ce-2 Made in Japan sound, because the PCB is the same.
I’ve made this video just to show you that, in my opinion, is just another DEEP control. For me the difference in sound can be reduced turning this pot, between MIJ vs MIT.

But I think that there always will be a minor sound difference between the two pedals. (I mean that MIJ is the best)

Another point is that MIT have higher input impedance so it is more hard for this pedal to go clipping than the MIJ version, specially if you have strong input coming in.
Here’s the video


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