Mediamonkey best alternative to Itunes also for shared library

No Itunes

Mediamonkey is the best alternative to Itunes here’s how to setup a network shared library, so you can play music on other computers and have the play counts updated.

1. Install the same version of mediamonkey on the PCs

2. On the PC that “own” the library set up a read write network share for the folder of the database (default is: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaMonkey\MM.DB)

3. On the client that access the library edit the mediamonkey.ini file located in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaMonkey and add this  to the [System] section:

DBName=z:\”path of point 2″\MM.DB (note that in my case I’ve mapped the share to letter Z)

4. You are done! Enjoy network sharing better than WMP or Itunes.


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